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Dresden is embedded in the gently rolling, hilly countryside between the Saxon Switzerland with its sandstone rock formations and the town of Meissen, famous for its porcelain and as the historical cradle of Saxony.

The river Elbe, flowing through the city separating the historical city centre and the Neustadt quarter, has influenced both the geography and the atmosphere of Dresden. The high quality of life in this city essentially derives from the broad meadows along the river Elbe as an oasis of relaxation for locals and visitiors alike. In summer these are also a site used for events.

In the first place today´s capital of the Free State of Saxony is famous for its history as the former residence
of the Saxon Elector Augustus the Strong as well as for its numerous Renaissance, Baroque and nineteenth century buildings. The Splendour and pomp of the era of Augustus the Strong are reflected by monuments like the Royal Palace, the Frauenkirche Church, the Cathedral, the Zwinger and the Semper Opera House.

Furthermore, Dresden is affected by
the famous relaxed atmosphere prevailing in the whole State of Saxony as well as the special Saxon, and in particular the Dresden, dialect.

We can guarantee:

Dresden is a very interesting city

offering a great variety of sights and places

worth seeing and experiencing.

We would like to invite you to visit

this jewel of European culture at the river Elbe

and discover its loveliest places and aspects

together with us.


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